Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June list

Hello June, month of papers strewn about the school's hallways, gleeful shouts, water sprinklers, stubbly garden growth, early flowering, sweet tea, and sleeping in. This month, I look forward to:

- Oh, I must start with the lilacs. I am smitten.
- The dramatics of thunderstorms. I have a thing for pressing my nose against the window.
- Thinking about making this cap.
- Loving the colors in the kitchen.
- Hiking up bluffs.
- Hoyas.
- June favorites...

1. clafoutis, 2. A Handful of Black Cherries, 3. afternoon snack, 4. hello

- ... which apparently include cherries. Thanks for introducing us, Ang. Glad the maraschino variety didn't ruin me permanently from the fresh variety.
- Getting dirty in our backyard. Reseeding, planning new plants, adding flowers to our repertoire.
- Ending the exhaustion that is afternoons after a long school day.
- Camping at Jay Cooke.
- I know a certain someone who is going to have a baby!
- Emily + Pat = one year of wedded bliss
- James and James sharing a birthday (today!)
- Also born in June: Mandy!
- Planet Earth
- The sixth. So much depends...


KeLL said...

Those cherries look awesome. Save me some! Please....

lisa s said...

oh lilacs.... sigh
[glad you like my cherry pic]

Molly said...

Oh, I totally [heart] your cherry picture! :)