Monday, June 02, 2008

packing up

The last week:

- I think, with this blog, I'll go ahead and end the 365 one as well. The purpose was to have daily practice with my camera, and I think my Flickr account as well as my near-daily blog posts are enough for that. I'm ready for a new challenge, and I've given myself two: from the field and in the kitchen. This won't end the mudanities: on Flickr, I've added a set for 2007 and 2008, so I can indeed look back on the year and see how I captured in from behind my lens. I started 365 before I had Flickr, before I posted pictures here, before I was overly addicted to blogging. It doesn't make sense for me to continue with that one as well. Besides, I am getting pickier about continuity, about the details; I'm more interested in theme and challenge.

- I took a nap yesterday, which meant I didn't fall asleep until past midnight, which leaves me a little bobbled headed today. In my first hour, I think my thought process was three seconds behind everything. I feel as if I am a bit underwater. No naps today, no matter how painful this is for me: I need to be bright eyed tomorrow. It's the last official school day before we enter exams.

- I have several students leaving during exam days for golf. This means I'll have my exams written tonight. Kind of nice to have that forced off my plate.

- I think I'm a bit in denial about this ending. Not in an upset, grumpy way; not in a I'm-about-to-throw-a-tantrum way. I just seem to be in a fog. Really, I'm not teaching next week? Really, my things need to be out by Friday before noon? Part of me feels like it all just started. The ending feels abrupt. I'm tired--there's no doubt about that--so ending is good. Sleeping in will be good. Finishing my M.Ed will be excellent. But really. It's all over in a few days. I feel as if I need to do some sort of ritualistic cleansing or something. No tears on this good-bye.

- Not related, but I must point it out: flossy-p, the artist who made Kelly's baby shower gift, wrote a post and included a scan of the image, if you are interested in a closer look. Stop by and leave a comment! I noticed that Bonnie, Kelly's mom, did--I think she'd love to hear from others. It's really amazing work that she does, and I think it's one of the best presents I've ever given--probably the best--though Ryan's Martin was an awfully fun present to give too.

- Happy Monday, all! The last Monday as a high school teacher. (Maybe forever? Or just for now? Who knows!)

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KeLL said...

Hey! You aren't suppose to be taking naps! =) I don't know how you can even fall asleep after an afternoon nap.
I didn't realize my mom left a comment. I had to check it out.
When are you coming to stay with me? Three and a half weeks left...holy cow!