Tuesday, April 29, 2008

walking, personal day one

Walking today: the sky is blue, which is a blessing, and the trees are breaking from buds into little spurts of leaves, little bits of green fuzz. The lawns--some are of the buzz cut sort; ours is balding in parts, tufty in others. As I was walking, I thought I heard a tuning--that A-note shift on a violin, an orchestra getting ready. The traffic whispered by, and when I caught a still moment, I spotted a weed whacker, its higher range catching. Then lower, the symphony of summer starting. A lawn mower joined the chorus.


Stacey said...

so nice, the violin sentence, sigh.

ck said...

hair. cut?
or. eyebrows. waxed?
or something serious. sorry if that is so.

mail is such a wonderful thing. cathartic, particularly when it is (finally) reciprocated.

ask, ask, ask!!!
thank you, thank you, thank you!!!