Monday, April 28, 2008

two months, minus a day

Check out all these gorgeous original photographs by some really talented photographers on Flickr: 1. cuddle, 2. napping, 3. Marisa, 4. Sophia, 5. 12 weeks old, 6. Hayley Three, 7. sleepy., 8. "my new hat rocks! yeah baby!!": ZED 69.365, 9. Room With a View, 10. Untitled, 11. painter, 12. hello big ocean

My best friend is due in two months, minus one day. Her life is going to shift so strangely--another person demanding so much more, tugging so much at the heart. And I will be able to be witness to so much of it, a fact to which I believe makes me blessed.


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EWH said...

Kelly's due on June 29? That's my anniversary!

Molly said...

Nope, the 27th.

KeLL said...

You're not only the official "book Aunt", but you're the official "Baby FermaNels photographer"