Sunday, March 23, 2008

recounting trips

I am thinking about flight, about the trips I've been on, the adventures I've had, the locales I've soaked up. I am thinking about preserving them, keeping them close to my heart.

I've created a photoset on flickr that explores some of my favorite images from these trips called crossing state lines.

To revisit:

Boston: thoughts like dandelion fluff.

Carolinas: arrival, hawt, charleston charleston, a day (not) at the beach

Alaska: sitka, ketchican, at sea, take it one day at a time

Palm Beach: where the world becomes surreal, where it all begins, where i am awed by a poetry reading, where my husband joins me, where we visit the beach and i put my feet in the ocean,
where we go to the morikami gardens, i am floored by a poetry panel, and i meet sharon olds, where i come home and my suitcase weighs too much,

New Orleans: Friday and a wee bit of Thursday, Saturday

I am home. It was so fast, but isn't that how it always is, when you are spending time with friends?


Joy said...
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nikki said...

yess, i loved looking back at the carolina posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your photos! Wow! That squirrel might be saying: just who are YOU to take my picture!

Thank you for sharing!
- Joy