Wednesday, January 23, 2008

where I am awed by a poetry reading

I wake in the morning, confused and delighted at where I am, that this week has become a reality. Tom Lux says it will go so quickly, and it's true, the days unfurling rapidly, and I am trying to relish it all.

I love falling asleep in this room, I love waking up, looking out the window to palm trees during workshop. This group is a lovely one, with diverse tastes, and good feedback. I love listening to Malena giving advice; I can close my eyes and hear her say, "This is so beautiful--so remarkable."

Tonight, a poetry reading: Kim Addonizio and Thomas Lux. These are two incredible talents, but also two poets I think are best served read aloud much more so than on the page, or, at least--poems that aren't necessarily of my tastes. And what glory from hearing those words--pussy, bastards--ring out from Kim Addonizio's mouth.

Her take on applause: don't do it, because she will be self conscious for the poems that don't get applause, or as much. But! We can "Mmm" at the end all we want, saying the sound was like a gerbil having an orgasm. For the rest of her reading, the audience happily Mmm'ed, like kindergarteners, giddy on the interaction.

She closed with a harmonica song, then on came Lux, who shouted and performed, foisting his poems on the audience. He grooves to his poems, as if he were a rock star up on stage, getting into the bass line, and it makes sense because he called up the idea of a poetry reading as a set.

And, much to the glee of the audience, Addonazio came up on stage, accompanied one of his poems with her harp. This reading was amazing, something even non-poetry folks would have enjoyed, a kind of party we were all lucky enough to be invited to.

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