Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i will be brief

We have half an hour to use the computer. And in six minutes, I have to meet my instructor one block away.

I have been writing posts on my computer and taking my pictures, so I will upload those upon my return.

I will say this: I am writing to you just now, with sweat oozing down the side of my head, with my arms sticking to the countertop, with thoughts of home and its twenty below temperatures.

I will say this: Every day is packed (workshops in the morning, craft talks and conferences in the afternoon, readings in the evening) and tomorrow we have a gala. I will break out one of my Carolina dresses.

I will say this: It is a surreal experience, filled with palm trees and thunderstorms, and so many words spilling out of me, all I do is write--on paper napkins, in the margins of anything.

And now, I must go.



j said...
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KeLL said...

I miss you.
Come home

Anonymous said...

yesss, carolina dresses! which one?! :)

Leslie said...

Tell me. Were you at a writers' workshop with Billy Collins?

Molly said...

Nikki: The red one with the unhemmed bottom. And here's something frightening: I didn't wear a bra. :) I thought you might appreciate that.

Leslie: Billy Collins was in the first year, and alas, I missed him, but my friend Teresa (her blog is Early Hours of Sky) was! She has many tales to tell. I'm here with the contingent that includes Sharon Olds, CK Williams, etc. And I'm here right now, sweating my booty off. It's glorious, all this poetry. I will almost need to hibernate for a week to recover.

Angie said...

yay for limited internet access

Anonymous said...

ha, i totally appreciate that! nice. bet you look damn fine!