Monday, August 20, 2007

Day Five: Ketchikan, Alaska

This is me, zip lining.

Indeed, I harnessed myself up, kissed my husband in a tree, a hundred and fifteen feet in the air, and flung myself into the wide open. And for those of you who don't know this: heights tend to get me a bit petrified, especially if I look in strange directions. I can look down and straight out, but up and out sometimes make me skittish. But there was no pausing, no hesitancy, thought I will admit when they said, "This is the last one," I was not sad.

Still, we cannot upload pictures from my camera, but when we return, you can look forward to the following: a very fuzzy (sort of Bigfoot type picture) of a black bear, the second that we saw in one hike; Mendenhall Glacier; five humpback whales breaching in a row, along with bubble feeding; sea lions; mountains and mountains and ocean; caribou; me and the Husband looking adorable in life jackets and later, zip lining gear; towel creatures; horseback riding; bald eagles; salmon spawning; and the champagne we drank to celebrate our one week anniversary (thank you, Lane, Chad, Angie, and Jay, who sneakily sent us coupons for drinks on the ship, a great surprise, and definitely used, especially on that night of our one week anniversary, leaving the Husband a little hung over on his horseback adventure--by the way, you'll appreciate this--he rode a horse named Doc).

For now, I will link to our professional wedding pictures. We haven't had a chance to look at all of them, but that's only because internet is timed in these parts.

Also, we've added a little something since we've gotten married: a joint email account. So if you want to tell us both a little something, you can email poetryandmaps at gmail dot com. You'll get both of us!


ck said...

yea!!!! You are my hero Molly! Conquering your fears! Was it fun?

Anonymous said...

Lovely wedding pics. Enjoy the rest of your time in Alaska--that ziplining looks fearsome. ; )


Love Squalor said...

gorgeous wedding photos! *wow* it looks like such a beautifully perfect day. i am so happy for both of you!

Felicia said...

What a beautiful trip!

Teaque said...

WOW! You have some amazing photos from Alaska.. Oh I want to go there so badly. Congrats on the wedding!