Sunday, November 18, 2007

quiet days, quiet nights

Still more snow, but no hope of a snow day, not this early. See me during the period of time we dub "the death march"--that time between winter break and spring break.

Husband is getting more and more frustrated with his graduate project. We will have to have a big celebration when this is all over--and then another next spring when I am done with my own!

This coming week is just two days with the kids, then a half day of staff development on Wednesday. Then, it is time for Thanksgiving, a holiday of paper grading and turkey, a time to sleep in and rise to the fog coming off the lake. It's a magical time, though a sad one this year. My grandfather will not be with us, not truly, and how quickly he has descended into Alzheimer's. True, he attended my wedding, and I am glad for that, but he didn't know who I was. Now, he is doing astonishing things, unrecognizable things. How far a person with Alzheimer's is from his or her original self! And how my heart aches for my grandmother.


ck said...

I cannot imagine dealing with the dramatic switch that occurs in a person who is both confused about who they are, and additionally angry because of that. What sadness to think that all the memories I am collecting, storing away for future use might someday simply wash away. I cannot fathom that and my heart goes out to YOU!

Anonymous said...

first, I LOVE (LO-OHVE) that picture of the two of you, top right. utterly charming.

second, what a heartbreak-- how bizarre to lose someone you love while they are physically still here. it boggles the mind.

I am so sorry-- I cannot imagine the feelings but I know they must ache your heart-- sending you love and best wishes--