Saturday, November 17, 2007

we will double the fur in our house

Today, snow.

For two weeks in December, we will have house guests: Simon, Jasper, Amber, and Bear.

Their "parents" will be in Costa Rica, and we will be ten in this house, eight welcome mammals of the quadruped sort, though I could not be surprised if there were mice as well... after all, two winters ago, I scooped one up in a tupperware, saving it from the grasp of the cats and the splash of the water bowl.

Tonight: Husband and I sit, air filter humming, dogs slumbering at our feet, as we plod through each other's academic endeavors: his GIS final project and my poetry review. Oh, how I moaned while reading his essay; I could only tell him where comma errors might have occurred, vaguely recognizing clauses and whatnot. At the end, I couldn't tell you what he had discovered; I feel incredibly flattened from the experience. It's strange how one couple's academic interests can diverge so greatly. He's so clever, kind, and intelligent, and he's my companion, and I'm so glad for that, even if I can't understand a word of that GIS stuff. :)

Last night's dream: I was in conversation with Toni Morrison; she was visiting the ALC, and we discussed prose and poetry and how we admire each other's chosen form. She wanted me to help her with poetry--good lord--and I somehow wasn't having a heart attack. Awake, in life, I'd probably keel over if I met Toni Morrison. Just as I might when I meet Sharon Olds this January.

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