Monday, September 03, 2007

Hay Creek 3: my nature documentary

For a trip down memory lane, and to see how Zephyr indeed would not get into the water at one point, please see: Hay Creek 1 and Hay Creek 2. (The black dog in the second set of Hay Creek adventures is Bear, our puppies' best friend.)

We start our journey through a last summer's afternoon with a blooming yellow flower.

Penelope wastes no time in the water, her shaking a bit futile.

This is a summer's afternoon joy: galloping up and down the paths and waterways, just the four of us.

She will look clever, this lion, waiting for the gazelle to take a drink.

A friendly beginning to the afternoon.

Bashful, perhaps. Blowing nose-bubbles more likely.

An attack-kiss.

He is the lion-tamer, a magician who commands a bow.


She is so sweet, like this.

A bevy of hearts.

The photographer stops for a self portrait.

He offers a stone for photographing and Penelope thinks it is an offering for her.

We now venture beneath the wooden bridge to find what is upstream.

Mmm, the flavor of your playmate. Channeling the lion, hunting the gazelle.

There is a little demon in dogs when they really let loose.

Running seems the best past time along the banks.

Penelope tries to find stable ground.

Smooth stones.

These clever yellow flowers sprout up along the water.

Still more growth in the forest.

He gazes forward, assessing the distance.

Branches crossing in the shadows.

The colors of grey-brown and sand with green protruding are charming. I am drawn to the colors of the seaside.

He empties his shoe of sand and creek.

We change the current as we make our way downstream.

The movement beneath the water, a green and murky ballet.

A view from behind: looking up the skirt of a daisy.

There are moments when the creek drops off. Owners send dogs on ahead to check water depth, and Zephyr learns he can swim.

The golden retriever sniffs at something on a branch.

Penelope makes room for the less-graceful Zephyr.

If you look closely, you'll see a summer breeze has loosened autumn leaves.

An inchworm arrives in view.

He welcomes company on this warm summer afternoon.

She has learned a new trick: balance.

Husband thinks catching the forehead will prevent falling.

Having disobeyed her owners, Penelope is resigned to having to wait on a leash.

A stealthy but wobbly approach to the bumblebee.

Zephyr is discovered taking a nap. After Hay Creek and roller blading, he has had a full Labor Day.

Tomorrow: I will tell you how the first day of school went!


lizardek said...

Love the photo essay, but good lord, woman, your posts are LONG when you have all those photos! My scrolling fingers are all tuckered out now. :D

sognatrice said...

How cute! I'm such a sucker for pooches, but especially wet ones, apparently :)

ck said...

bugs, beasts caught in motion, movement of water over white toes. I like the flow of this can never step in the same river twice. :)