Sunday, September 02, 2007

lay your worry down

Item One: Autumn Blaze Maple. Acer x fremanni 'Jeffersred' Ten feet tall. Two of me, it seems.

Item two: Husband and red wheelbarrow. Backyard dirt and crabgrass. Shovel.

Item three: Zestar! Apple. Malus 'Minnewashta.' Needs much smaller hole than Bruce, our new maple. Guess who dug which hole?

Item four: me watching dirt fall into wheelbarrow. Husband pulled up a lawn chair when I dug my Bruce-sized hole, held an MGD in his hands, handed me the tape measure.

Item five: Lay your worry down. We mourned the loss of our first maple to drought; others at the tree nursery had trouble as well. He wanted an apple; I wanted another maple (I am fiercely loyal to breeds and brands and friends and whatnot). We will make pie some day, but not of Bruce, I promise.

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