Saturday, June 02, 2007

tuxedo, flower, creek

A storm rolled in today, bringing much needed rain. Our windows become surfaces for waterfalls, and we were safe inside as the water pelleted the earth. We cleaned surfaces, going through ancient stacks of mail and paying magazine subscriptions. Just before rain, hummingbirds drank at the honeysuckle. Zephyr loves to strip the lower buds free; I wish I could convince him to weed the garden in an organized fashion.

When K went to Santa Fe, they left chocolates on his pillow each night. He kept each one and brought them back to me in his pockets, a small gift, as he knows there are times when I am desperate for this kind of sweet. And desperate for his kind of sweet.

This morning, we had a florist appointment, which went quickly and smoothly. We made changes to a previous quote, adding flowers, subtracting. Flowers for the cake. My favorites: peonies (unfortunately, in season now, but not in two months). So we will have other favorites: hydrangea, ranuculas, and a few other green and blue blooms.

We walked down the street to a men's suit shop that has been open for over a century here in town. It is how one might picture it--dark wood, drawers full of men's shirts, crisp cottons, ties on wooden racks, lines of suit coats and floors that creak as you walk to the back. K and I looked through hefty binders of tuxedos and selected a style that surprised us: taupe. Black tuxedos remind me so much of prom (and I'm not a fan of bow ties), and it didn't quite set the mood of what we hope our wedding to be--a bit more casual. The ceremony will be on a beach by the Mississippi. The boys will wear Adidas and the girls will wear flip flops under long dresses (in cornflower).

And cakes. We didn't do anything with our cake just yet, but we bought a miniature cake, sundae cake (white buttercream frosting and a drizzle of chocolate frosting on top) and honey wheat doughnuts. Licking sugar from our fingers.

Today, a full day. Worry kept me back in town, making sure Penelope recovered smoothly. She is quieter today, and last night I whispered in her ear, "If you make it through this OK, whatever it is that is keeping you from yourself, we will do whatever you want." She slept in our bed, and today, we took her on a long walk in the woods (and even invited her best friend to come along). This quiet dissipated when she fell into quick step, finding the water. She is joyous, playful there--pouncing on the water, leaping at Zephyr and Bear. We took her off her leash and watched her bound up and down the creek; flying past us, getting good speed, playing leap frog at a whizzing pace. They were exhausted afterward, spent from the time outdoors. Zephyr is clearly not as interested in water; in fact, he is a little skittish (evidence from the picture of K trying to pull him in and his stout form into the water). We were glad to give her this reward for coming back to us, for waking us before the sun while she wrestled with Zephyr on our bed, for eating breakfast and keeping it down. I hated seeing her like that, so lethargic and spent. I can't imagine the distress a parent must feel when his or her child feels unwell. How easily I give in to fretting concern.

And an apology goes out to Emily and Roshelle: I missed a bridal party today because I was too skittish to leave, too nervous that Penny would turn back to being unwell again, that she ate something and was only good for a short burst, for after a night's sleep and would return to being unable to keep even water in her stomach. So far, so good, twelve hours later and she is moving about sluggishly, but this is more due to the afternoon then being sick (we hope). Many stories from others about sick dogs: Bear camping and needing to be carried outdoors to go to the bathroom (entertaining how the dog literally is not going to the bathroom, but this is the polite phrase), Jersey eating bacteria laden leaves, Emily's sister's dog devouring a grill brush and needing surgery, Logger eating human medication. Half recovered at home; the other half needed urgent care. I felt need to be witness. This is something I need to learn: ease and calm. I am learning it every day.

Italian for dinner with friends. Expanding stomachs, and early bedtime. Laughter and rest.

I hope your weekends are as full of relief and celebration as my own thus far. Never have I been so excited to go to sleep though--I was up late with the dogs last night (and early with the dogs again this morning, though K was up much earlier) and this whole week I've had trouble falling asleep. Tomorrow, actual rest, full awakeness, and my own duties with the dogs as K continues through the home stretch of his graduate project (as it expires in August, and there is certainly something else magical happening in August--I had thought I would beat him as I will begin my master's project this summer, but he is now in the final stages, lucky boy).

Enjoy the sun, the rain, the growing things, and finding favorite places with good health!

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misty said...

your photos are so very lovely!!! So glad to hear penelope is feeling better! sweet that K brought you home chocolates in his pockets!