Saturday, June 23, 2007

the one handed blogger

Here's a lesson learned today: never run with both dogs when they have already spent most of the walk wrestling with each other. I am not proud to admit this, but I have now taken a second fall while walking the dogs--Zephyr pulled me over in the driftwood at Frontenac (but not bad, just a little bruise to the ego), and today, I now have road rash on my chin, my chest, both sides of my left hand, and my right knee. And... my elbow has swollen up to a disturbing size. However, I have ice, and a good reason to go to bed early (can I get out of all those rubrics I'm supposed to make?) and a little laughter at how idiotic I must have look taking that topple. My father was with me, as were their two dogs, Lanie and arthritic Madison, so he had an entertaining time getting twined up with four dogs as I mustered the stinging courage to lope back on up.

Meanwhile, The Fiance is off having his bachelor party in Mankato. Apparently, there is a beerfest, which is perfect for him (and me--no naked ladies, I'm all for that). I can't even call him to tell him about my misadventures as, I assume, it is a giant no-no to call your fiance on his bachelor night. Kind of defeats the purpose.

My mother and I had our first meeting for the gifted and talented program we are teaching for... from what I recall, there are three languages--Russian, Arabic, and Latin--many math and science type classes, and we are the only "Language Arts" course that "took." Tomorrow we meet the parents before they drop their little lovelies off for three weeks of learning adventures! We have a few games (the Venn Diagram and the nonsense words being my contributions) and the syllabus. We dig right in on Monday, with a jigsaw activity involving the history of the theatre, and our first text will be Oedipus Rex. We're having them make their own plaster cast theatre masks using their faces and plenty of paint.

I haven't attempted to upload pictures just yet, but I'll give it a shot. In the meantime, we have some nasty rubrics to type up (why can't we just holistically grade?) and bed is definitely calling! Plus, I can only get so far with this glass-in-my-elbows feeling. :)


eireann said...

oh, poor molly! ouch.

good luck this week.

michelle said...

ouch! sorry about the fall. i think i've fallen once since being little - it feels so much stranger as an adult for some reason. maybe that's just me.

hope your elbow feels better in the morning!

oh - and goodluck with the class! :)

lizardek said...

ow ow ow you poor thing, that sounds awful. Heal quickly and well.

Felicia said...

That sucks! It must feel awful. Why is it that all of life's lessons are so painful? Hope you feel better soon :)