Sunday, June 24, 2007

so. going to the bathroom is hard.

sorry for any typos! i'm truly one handed today as i cannot move my arm at all--eep! my dad is taking me in to the clinic today, but i'm taking a break from trying to take my shirt off for a shower. if only this could have happened at home... at least the fiance could help me with the whole shirt thing.

this leaves my mother doing more then her fair share of the work, so i hope they give me some magic pills so i can start making it up to her. i'll try to read a lot of the plays again today. some i haven't read in a couple of years, and we all know how fuzzy my brain can get. she worked on the rubrics solo, which makes me feel like a schmuck since i went to bed so early!

ok, i think it's time for a second go at the shower. i'm all sweaty from last night's sleeping aerobics!

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