Friday, June 22, 2007

distraction & procrastination

I strongly believe I am physically incapable of ever being on time or completing anything on time. It is against the very core of my nature, and perhaps I have not been punished enough for my rampant tardiness. I've always been able to squeak by if there is a question of my attendance, my completion, my on-task-edness. I think The Fiance gets frustrated with me on a regular basis because I keep him on this side of late every time we have a socializing appointment. I think it's my duty to keep us fashionably late, though he would disagree.

I also am easily distracted. I cannot remember if I have shared this with you folks (along with distracted and late, you can add "forgetful" to my list of charms), but The Fiance has a way of letting me know I've hobbled off the linear conversation path: "Do you want to pet my puppy?" (The joke goes, "How many ADD people does it take to screw in a light bulb?" I don't know, how many? "Want to pet my puppy?") This happens a lot; a good humored fiance, he is, to let me know I've flown off the main point completely.

This also is the reason why I write crap cover letters. Emily can attest to that. Technical writing gives me the heebie jeebies.

I started this quilt off as a pillow, double sided, for Yvonne, when she was in the hospital. I cruised along on it, putting together the two symbols I thought would be most helpful in her experience: the lion for strength, the turtle for the slow healing.

She passed away before I could finish, so we put it together as a large quilt (these being two blocks of four) to give to her grandson. It still waits, and I plan to hand quilt it while I am in Green Bay, teaching that class.

You may also recall, just before, I showed you a blanket that really just needed me to hump along one more row of crochet and *bling!* it would be done. Instead of finishing that one row, I have opted to find all the pastel colored yarn in my collection of that particular fiber (my stash is out of control) and start a baby blanket for my friend Mandy's baby shower, in three weeks. Because I am always waiting until the last minute, and I am easily distracted by all else.

So it is going to not only be a theatre-packed three weeks, but it is also going to be blanket-packed as well. And I've still got my days and nights mixed up, and just to prove it, I'm going to leave you with this morning's sunrise (so wish me luck falling asleep because I have to get up early to toddle on out to an afternoon orientation a million miles away):

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