Thursday, January 11, 2007

teaching & knitting

KF emailed me today and said my once-teaching blog is becoming a knitting blog. Not so! I suppose my original intent was to make it a reflection on teaching, but we all know that was a debacle. So it has morphed into a just-me blog. How egocentric and dull.

I think what I'm realizing (or what is becoming more clear) is that I tend to overexcited about things and ... dwell. Or obsess. Or just get very enthusiastic. And I tend to natter on about those obsessions.

And I'm very excited with knitting because I need mental therapy and relaxation. My brain is so wrapped up in next year and the drama program and getting those research essays graded and I need a place to escape.

I'll leave you with this picture of my charming duo:

They are playing. Honest. It just looks pretty nasty... look at the eyes on the kitty! Gotta love red eye. (And now you can see that terrible wallpaper that. must. go.)

PS: See how I learned to flip photos? I'm so proud.

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