Friday, May 12, 2006

fire department, police department

One fire department visit, one police visit, one fight broken up, and one kid now being home schooled (rumor has it due to a hit list), and we have me at the end of my week.

I can't remember if I said the musical went well. It did. Now it is more or less over, and I'm glad to have a break from it, though I have a feeling I'll look forward to doing one again next year.

Anyway, we had a fire alarm go off at an odd time in the morning, after we'd had two fire drill days in a row, but it turns out it was burned toast. Yum.

Two periods later, a kid called 9-1-1 from a teacher's phone (twice) and on the second call said there was a shooter in the building. Which wasn't true.

The next day, a stream of kids, like lemmings, were going down the hallway. Three of us followed, at first walking, then at a jog, as we discovered a fight between lunches on the second floor.

Oh, and I have two other girls that want to beat each other up (are in the same hour) and have been known to (not in my class, though this isn't the first time I've had to kick one out of this threesome for getting into each other's faces).

Then one of my students came into class, saying another one of my students had a hit list. Lovely--I had just had a bullying incident (big one) a week or two prior, and I don't doubt who might have been on it. This person has been pushed too hard and too far, and I felt horrible when I saw the cruelty happening in my own classroom--it's a tough issue to deal with and react to. Do I lecture them right then and there about the evils of bullying? Do I ignore it? Neither is a good option at all! I ended up sending the one student in the hall after a particularly bad comment made in return, notified a person of authority, but there isn't a good solution there either.

It's adventures at my high school these days. I suppose it's a good thing most of this isn't happening during the musical. I'd most likely tear my hair out. I suppose fate only gives you as much as you can handle, if you believe in that stuff...

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