Saturday, May 13, 2006

things i miss

I was looking at the Great River Shakespeare Festival website (where I hope to volunteer with over the summer) and I looked at the sponsor page--and began to miss it down there. So I decided to make a list of things I miss:

- A & L & C (you know who you are)
- Jefferson's
- Sugar Loaf
- Betty Jo's
- the two lakes (to walk around or learn how to roller blade around)
- Acoustic Cafe
- Trempealeau Hotel (yum, walnut burgers, and what a great atmosphere)

Sometimes I wish our town had something bigger then a tech school... We do have a lot of arts and culture here, and we're only an hour away from the cities, and I really like this town a lot... OK, enough of that. :)

Sometimes I just wish we were in the cities, I suppose. But every time I lived there, I didn't take advantage of it often enough.

Tonight we're going to see another high school musical. I'm going to be full of them soon! :)

I need to think of how fun it will be to work with the GRSF this summer. And working in the garden and reading books and being free to attend events at the Loft Literary Center, etc.

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