Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Standing Ovation

We've had a great opening weekend with the musical. (Yes, some might be wondering where I have been these past few weeks--we had something called "hell week", which is the week leading up to the performance, and this week included a few nights that went until eleven or beyond--we've learned the building indeed does close at midnight.) We had a standing ovation on opening night, a night in which my best friend and my boyfriend were in the audience. K's parents came the following night (also to check out our house as we've messily settled in and the new furniture), which was really wonderful. I feel badly--they came in the afternoon on Saturday and left before I woke up the following morning.

This weekend, my parents, my grandparents from Michigan, and my sister from NYC are all coming.

News on the job front--I have not yet signed a contract for next year, so I can't say with confidence that I'll be back next year, but the principal came up during my prep hour and said it looks good. (My second hour team teacher said she was impressed as she rarely sees the principal out and about, but he pops by my room or walks down the hall to the football coach's often enough.) Of course, the news might not be so good for some of my friends at the other high school in town, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.

Oh, and next year, my schedule will be a little different. I won't teach the lower level juniors, but I'll keep the freshmen. Instead, I'll have creative writing. I like the idea of next year's schedule. :)

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