Saturday, March 25, 2006

spring break

I am officially on spring break, and I definitely need it. I was at my limit yesterday--sick of selfish, needy students who don't listen and aren't appreciative. Some days I am motivated to overcome these things and some, I am frustrated beyond belief.

The snow day was lovely two weeks ago, but the snow caused me to be late twice--once, I had to be towed from my driveway and a second time, it took forever to dig myself out after the plows went by (and there was more snow that Thursday--about four to six inches more). My team teacher was missing the first day (he had a meeting), so the kids got my second hour team teacher to come in.

The musical has hit a bit of a snag. We've had poor attendance, the set isn't coming along as quickly as we would have hoped, and some kids don't know all their songs and lines. We're still clinging to the book like a security blanket and we haven't been able to run through a scene without stops. Kids aren't listening to our direction (continual diction issues, continually having to tell them same kids to open up their posture, constant reminders to not talk up stage) and kids are chatty and playing with cell phones and leaving garbage everywhere in the auditorium. I know they don't care about this, but the adults involved are not paid much for the amount of time that they put in. To me, in many ways, it's not worth it.

But give me a smaller cast and more time to work on this... next year, we're looking at musicals that will display the talent of those kids who have shown leadership, positive attitudes, and have great attendance.

Anyway, frustrations aside, I do still love my job. I just am glad to have a break from it, and I hope to be refreshed and recovered to finish out the school year. I will miss it, indeed, though I plan to stop in to work on the set as well as do some work in my classroom. A little peacefulness without the kids... ahhh...

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