Wednesday, December 14, 2005


As my students clearly stated, we should have had a snow day today. And perhaps I agree, though most of my kids showed up and no one was in perilous danger (though I don't doubt some must have ended up in a fender bender or a ditch). I made it, and this was probably one of those acceptable days that I could have called in for snow reasons. But I missed yesterday for flu-like reasons, so I figured today (especially since the One Act has started rolling) probably wasn't good.

K. and I met three of our neighbors across the street--their names? Ryan and Eric and Megan. Those who know us very well will understand how surprising those names were to us! They helped us shovel our driveway--I am going to bake them some cookies in thanks! (They reminded us of "Wiggins"--of a time not so long ago where we weren't so concerned about mortgages and making it to work on time and all of this grown up stuff. The Ryan across the street is going to school to learn how to build guitars and violins. Hmm. I have a feeling we'll see more of him.)

I had my post-observation for the second principal visit this year. It was a good post-obs, and I think that as long as those who are on leave stay on leave, I'm good. We have two new positions opening up next year at my school, so that gives a little wriggle room, but all of us first years are on edge. We all want to stay, and we're all weighed down with extra curriculars...

Apparently the question on everyone's mind is--is it Annie or Fame? I'm leaning towards Annie. We're waiting for the perusal copies to come in (they were just ordered today, though I requested them on Friday morning). Once the music folks say--yep, we can do it--we're good to go. I think over winter break I'm going to do some thrifting in my parents' town. So much for the moolah I made for the play--I think I'll take that money and put it right back into supplies. Is this how normal people work? I mean, we love the kids and the program so much that we put in the money we make to make up for the time we put in--we put that money into supplies? Is this weird? I'm OK with it, as long as it's somewhat normal. :)

OK, tonight--The Pajama Game. I think K. is sick of musicals from Netflix. Luckily, we have some comedies coming next--I thank him for his patience. :)

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