Friday, December 09, 2005

dance ten, looks three

So, yours truly will be in charge of the musical. K's mom asked if I had "sucker" stamped on my forehead, and I might--I seem to be overinvolved--and many people tell me that. But those who are concerned about my well being (of which I have quite a few, including my 5th hour team teacher who really seemed worried, and I have to say that my 7:30-3:00 duties are the most important, then extra curriculars, then duties to the district with meetings, which might not be exactly the order they are looking for, but oh well--I'll do my best in all areas)--I will be fine.

I have this phenomenal person who is the "choreographer" who will really be my "assistant director" who should actually just be the "director." She's not into that whole day care thing (can't say as I blame her, though I don't think I'll have much of a choice once I hit the kid bearing years), so her one true job is getting through these musicals at the high schools in her area. She is, according to our activities director (a.d.), a "go getter," and she's helped guide me through these first steps. In truth, I hope I don't let the kids down, but on a daily basis--I hope I don't let her down! That's something to say for an assistant director.

I'm still doing my duties as the advisor for the lit mag, which I adore, but isn't really kicking it into gear in December. January and February are our worrisome months, and we'll have to find a few nights to do the reading, but I have such rocking students to be editors (and two editors-in-chief) that I have zero worries about that thus far. We have a meeting on Monday--we're picking a name! Tres exciting.

I'm also assistant for the one act. Whew. I'm glad that N. will lead the charge on this one, though I campaigned to get it. I think that I could do just fine, but if the musical is what I'm starting with, I'm glad to be "groomed", as the a.d. says.

I think the biggest thing that I am thinking about right now, besides spending time with K. and actually cleaning up all those dust bunnies, is to do a good job for my students--the 150 that I have in my classroom for the school day but also those that I am guiding after school. I know that these kids are there to learn and I know that the school expects a good show. I hope to find a way to combine the two--learning and putting on an impressive show--and I hope to do my principal proud. Um, bad grammar.

But also do my mom and dad proud. Because goodness gracious were they excellent parents, and I am only able to appreciate that more and more as I advance in my first year. I keep talking to my fellow early-years (first years who are really in their first few years--who are about my age and younger). How on earth are we supposed to figure kids into all of this? Yes, I know I don't have to worry about that for a while (I hope), but at some point I will. How does one balance children with the job? Because at this point, if I were dating me, I would be really crabby. And K. has been really patient, even after I had moments while he was getting his Master's. (Maybe because K. can then do his work in peace if I'm distracted--who knows!) The point is, the both of us are good at what we do (I hope!) and we love what we do (I know), but what we do doesn't figure in room and time for little ones. I'm sure that will get a little more calm once we settle into our new positions, but I'm a little worried.

Stupid, I know, especially when I'm starting up a musical and after screening Fame, I'm getting more excited. I sing the body electric... And I had been doubtful about "kitchy" (I'm spelling that wrong, I bet) musicals... Well, on to the next Netflix delivery. I told K. that it would be a musical weekend, but he escaped to his parents' home to work on a computer issue. Probably wise of him--he'll get enough musicals in the future.

PS: Speaking of which, I'm so impressed at how supportive he has been with the fall play. He came once and was going to come a second time, but then he got a cold and stayed home to rest, but he would have come at least twice, if not more, which is great, considering the allergies he's been having to the teenage population since I started education. :) Poor guy... now he's stuck with the "drama person" at her high school. It will be a while before he can get out of H.S. productions!

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