Saturday, October 01, 2005

Is it a sign?

Is it a bad sign when you wake up and the first thing that happens isn't so great? My contact case was upended on the floor (presumably by my fiesty little cats) and the contacts were no where to be seen. I still haven't unpacked the box that has my extra contacts, so today I am going to have to squint and/or wear crooked glasses. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I need to go to the eye doctor. I wish I had time to breathe, let alone go to the doctor though.)

Yesterday was another rough day. I seem to be having a rough week. I'm so, so glad that it is Friday.

I sent ZM to see his dean yesterday. Despite talking to his mom, who is very supportive, and talking to him in the hall and giving him warnings, he blatantly disrupts class and is a distraction. Other kids are not happy with him. He's restless and does everything he can to entertain himself, and I'm tired of his doing it at my expense. So the dean told him if he is sent to BIP, he will be suspended. So now the stakes are higher, and yesterday, his behavior was not a whole lot better, and I probably could have justified a trip to BIP pretty easily at least twice during the hour. No pressure or anything, right?

Yesterday morning some girls spilled a soda on the carpet. So I sent them out to get paper towels to clean it up, forgetting they don't have paper towels in the bathrooms. So Mr Strader caught them, found out why they were in the halls, and returned to the classroom with me, telling me he told the girls he had to call a custodian and he reminded them that only water was allowed in the academic wings. Ouch. So you can bet which new teacher is going to be super strict on the rules from here on out. I even gave all of my hours a mini lecture on the school rules as a warning for my becoming more strict.

I'm just glad the week is over. Despite having a sick day, I just feel completely worn out. I'm beat in so many different ways, I just want to stay under the covers all weekend. I feel frustrated because I don't feel like I'm being very good at any of the roles in my life--teacher, employee, advisor, girlfriend, homeowner, best friend (yeah, guess whose birthday it is today????). Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have a wedding this weekend in Green Bay, so I'm going to get away and forget about it and come back to a fresh start.

I just wish it were a longer weekend.

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