Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shattered Glass

Ryan and I rented Shattered Glass from Blockbuster last night. I think it will be good to show it to my students, along with the 60 Minutes interview, though I am going to give them a few articles to read over before and after. I'm having a hard time finding linkes to the original stories he fabricated, but I suppose that's really not important at this point for the purposes of my class. Instead, I need to see if I can root around for some reflections, reviews, that sort of thing. It looks like those are a-plenty here on the internet. I also remembered the name of the man I had originaly thought this movie was about--Jayson Blair, writer for The New York Times.

Yesterday I went out with the cohort to Holy Land Deli, which is more of a grocery store with a really great buffet in it. I had never been there before, but one of our co-workers would bring in yummy hummus from Holy Land during the twelve days of Christmas (where leads and managers would bring in food for us on breaks during the last few days of the holiday crush). It's always nice to go out with the cohort. I know that we need to talk about our upcoming student teaching (a little over a week away for me!) and it's also nice to have outside conversations and find out what's going on with each other's lives outside of the bubble of teaching.

It's hard. Sometimes that's all I think about--teaching. Finish up the semester, do the job hunt, prepare for student teaching. A very confusing juggling act.

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