Friday, March 04, 2005


I guess RAHS is a little high energy right now because a taser was used by a police officer on a student on Tuesday. She had been suspended on Monday, but refused to accept it and returned to the school on Tuesday, making a huge fuss. I've met the officer; I see him during passing time all the time, and he seems like a nice guy. Anyway, I don't want to write about the details, since I don't know a lot and all, but here are some of the online news articles covering it:

Pioneer Press
Star Tribune

In another topic, I am going to try to put up a web page that would collect all the different ideas that would be alternatives to the whole lecture/video/overhead notes/read the intro to the textbook kind of activities (which, like I am going to say on the page, are just fine, but I will only use them in moderation). I'm not trying to say that any way of approaching teaching is better then another, but there are certain ways that I hope to do my own teaching. I want to give my students as much variety as possible. I know it gets pretty boring for them, and right now, I actually have the energy to plan these kinds of things, so I ought to take advantage of it now! Anyway, I will make a post when I finally have that up and running. I've been meaning to update my overall webpage for a while--I have tried some new recipes and have read a few more books (surprising, since I don't have a lot of time!).

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