Sunday, May 04, 2008

we went on a trip this weekend

This weekend we went to Green Bay, Wisconsin, place of our high school experience, home of our parents, and location of Kelly's baby shower. The drive is always so long, but it's good to get away once in a while. I used to return to Wisconsin once a month, when Ryan and I were working through the long distance period of our relationship, but now that we are older, married, with a house, with two dogs, we have become more homebound.

It was a rainy drive in, and I loved sitting quietly, watching the different sorts of rain crash against the window panes--on our sun roof, there was a kind of therapeutic sliding rain, which hypnotized me with its slow racing; there was the bashing rain on the windshield, slowing cars down, waking the dogs; the rivulets, the patterns that made rivers and tributaries, reflected on the dash. The only thing is the mud (and puppy paws). I love this weather, the angry storms, the peaceful rain. I love the spring and how everything has begun to wake.

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lizardek said...

For some reason, I LOVE those 2 photos :)