Friday, May 02, 2008


As of June 6th at 11am (very precise, you see), I will officially be moving my blog to:

The pattern of my daily life is going to change significantly that day when I cease being a high school English teacher, something that defined me and was the reason for starting this blog, and began facing an MFA. Consequently, I also plan on re-posting the lost posts from when I was simply "Molly Teaching" which had been taken down when a student found my blog. (I saved them as a Word document, so it might take a while, and I'll post them here as opposed to that old blogger account because I haven't the foggiest what the password is any more, and I don't need that many blogs trailing behind me.) I had been a bit more open about teaching, and though I had kept things anonymous, my musings on becoming a teacher were more raw and made me more vulnerable than I wanted my students to see me.

Obviously, I won't delete these archives, and I hope anyone who is bookmarked this blog will make the move with me. I will actually link to this blog from the new one, though I can't promise that will always be so as my goal for this new blog is to allow myself this change, to celebrate the shift of focus, but to also continue this path of cleansing and simplifying.

I'm not moving just yet as I have over a month to go here at Local High School, and I want to celebrate those days too. I'm ready for summer, and I cannot seem to stop letting everyone know the count down (five weeks), but I know that this is a good job and these three years, though trying, have been good, particularly this last one, reaffirming that being an educator is not all bad.

I don't know if I'll return to high school teaching when this MFA business is all over. Three years is a very long time.

I think it's important that I move, if only because the blog's url name "sylviatheteacher" doesn't relate to me any more. The "Sylvia" was an homage to Plath, but also a lame attempt at anonymity when I wasn't using my own name (or Ryan's, for that matter, who mutated from K to Husband to his own name) and "the teacher," while still true from a TA standpoint, won't be the main thrust of my life soon.

I hope this makes sense. And while I'm starting to do housekeeping, move little bits of myself over, so to speak, I am still lingering here. I find it hard to say good-bye sometimes.


Lyz said...

I am excited for your move in your career and your life. What a fabulous time! I'll keep following you. but not in a creepy way.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep up with you, too, for multiple reasons: your view on life, how you infuse each day with poetry and also because I had thought about taking the path you're about to embark on (MFA) and am curious to see how it all unfolds. I chose not to pursue it but still fleetingly ponder that kind of devotion, that direction. I know you'll tell it like it is.
All the best!

jeanne said...

I am happy for you, I love to see people follow their true dreams and become the person that is hiding inside of them. Personal growth is such a magical thing and I am so happy you are welcoming us into yours to watch you grow, I applaud (Spelling?? you are the teacher, for a little longer)you. Good luck, I will be here watching, I love the way you speak.

stephanie said...

i just found your blog and will definately follow along! i am a high school teacher as well. :) can't wait to read more of your blog...going to read now... :)

chelsea said...

I'm very happy you will be losing "the teacher" from your personal title. No need for the restriction of words.

I had a professor tell me, "you have to reach a point where you stop saying, 'I want to be a photographer,' and start saying, 'I am a photographer.'" He was giving this advice in the context of a story about how he stopped being an art director and started showing his photography in galleries and working with magazines.

So I'm glad you're dropping "the teacher" and adding "the poetry graduate student." (Though I think it should just be "the poet" or "storyteller" (because the latter applies to blogging and photography as well) instead because you are much more than where you are at any particular moment.)