Thursday, May 01, 2008

happy may day!

These all come from last year, last spring and summer, most from my yard or nearby. I am giddy with the idea that the trees will stop looking so skeletal from a distance and break into green. Nearby, there are a few trees in white blossom; I want to sneak up and take a few close up shots, but I don't want to frighten our neighbors. It has felt so long, this past winter, especially with snow coming down late in April. I am still wearing sweaters, fleece, but I have long abandoned my winter coat.

I look forward to so much this month.

Also: I've changed the princes on some of my prints in the shop, so if you are interested in photos or postcards, drop by!


pink sky said...

beautiful collage :) makes me feel springy and happy...

Shana said...

Trees in white bloom are headed your way, here in Iowa the magnolia trees are heavy with flowers. . I love this photo collage too