Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tonight, Ryan gives his graduate presentation. Defends his thesis, those pages of which we tore to bits over the weekend. He climbed into bed at 3:30; a few short hours later, and we were awake again.

In poetry news: Today is poem in your pocket day. I am carrying CK Williams' "Risk" with me. What poem do you carry with you? Also: Anna Akmatova's life has become a play. Keep up with poetry news here.

And in Penelope news: She is happy spring is in the struggling process of arriving. We are enjoying long walks outside, not fighting slick sidewalks or troublesome cold. I haven't wished for spring so much as now, and maybe that is because this year, I am finally unfettered from the musical. This time last year, I was celebrating tulips and thinking of a trip to Boston. This year, I am touching tree buds and thinking of a baby blooming.


EWH said...

HOLY POEM BATMAN!!!! Poem in your pocket day???? Are you kidding?

I am carrying a folded poem in my pocket. I can't think of another time I have done this. Emi was writing for our poetry booth today and she wrote me a poem about these spring winds. I folded it and put it in my pocket so I wouldn't lose it.


Shana said...

thanks for the poetry foundation news link, I've been there but didn't think to subscribe until you posted here! Aw what a better way to get news!

Lyz said...

I tagged you in a little meme