Friday, April 18, 2008

Matthea Harvey + Mary Jo Bang + Fanny Howe

Webpage :: I would describe Matthea Harvey as charming and clever, and I would say that I fell in love with her poetry tonight. Her world is vivid and quippy-quick.

Six Poems in Jacket Magazine :: She read from Elegy, which is what I hoped for as I work through my own small manuscript of poems regarding my grandfather. How to make a poem poignant, beautiful, and meaningful to the reader when it it is about something so personal.

On :: Her images were something I wanted to hold in the palm of my hand. She sent me into my own notebook, digging for images, and in there, I began what I believe with be my new series of poems. I will keep quiet about this, for now.


Anonymous said...

I had the honor to have Fanny Howe as one of my professors at UC San Diego when I was in the Lit/Writing program for my undergraduate degree in the early 90s. I remember her being a very gentle, yet solid critic who was very encouraging. So glad to know she's out there, still sharing her gifts.

Shana said...

sounds like a great night!