Saturday, April 26, 2008

finding color

It's another gray Minnesota day. This morning, I woke up (the dogs woke me up) to a snow dusting--our garage roof covered, my car covered, the patio table covered. It's nearly May and we've had a freeze, the plants I moved to our porch frustrated with my too-early decision.

It's quiet here. I've been re-watching episodes of Six Feet Under and harassing the dogs. Relaxing, a great contrast to the school days that have been draining me. I don't know if I would mind these spring days teaching, looking out the window as the world blooms and warms, if the kids weren't quite so wriggly. Now my body feels as if I am physically trying to reel them back in, sing and dance in celebration of literature. Tonight is prom, and we all brace ourselves that it goes well, that bad choices are not made, and even if we do not wake up to the news we dread (it always comes on non-prom days it seems), we know there are secreted bits of sorrow. And joy; my own prom was pretty content, pretty even keel. I hope it was a magical night for them.

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flossy-p said...

It's such a pity that so much dread surrounds such a special night.

Molly, has your package arrived yet? It should have arrived last week. Let me know if it hasn't and I'll get on the phone and try to track it down.