Sunday, March 02, 2008

those winter sundays

It is cold, it is winter still, here in Minnesota, and Robert Hayden's title of his poem "Those Winter Sundays" keeps roaming in my mind (just as Emily Dickinson's phrase "a certain slant of light" hopped around in my head, finally settling here).

Here's a little bit of happiness: I may proclaim my absolute love and luck with my husband, and just how much he makes my heart go pitter-pat, but I don't always have evidence of our contentedness by means of witness. Yesterday, we were engaging in the very mundane act of grocery shopping when the woman behind the meat counter made a comment about how much fun we seemed to be having simply being together. And it was true: laughing, holding hands, whatnot. We are nearing nine years together this summer, much beyond that fabled seven year itch, and one might think we'd be bored with one another, but it is not so. I am undoubtedly devoted to this man who has been my cheerleader since day one, and I cannot believe how lucky I am to be with him. I can only hope I bring some fraction of happiness to him as he does to me.

Other lucky things:

There's a certain level of honor when the swap hostess picks you for her swap partner. Blue Yonder, one of my favorite bloggers, and someone living in my sister's hometown, is hosting a book / homemade bookmark swap. I'm intimidated and thrilled. (If you haven't visited her blog, you really ought to... though be prepared to be sucked in!)

In the spirit of luck: Pay it forward...

So long ago, I was one of the first three commenters on another beautiful blog, full instrumental. And the deal was this: first three commenters, receive a little something, with the promise of paying it forward.

With that in mind, the first three commenters will receive a little postcard gift from me, and, of course, much love for reading this darn blog. But even more, after the first three general commenters, the first three lurkers will receive an even bigger postcard gift, so comment away, first timers! (I am always curious as to who might be visiting here without leaving a note!) And it's handy to have an email address, so I can contact you for a regular address, though linking me to your blog works too! The only catch is that you then must "pay it forward" in some way...

(If you don't feel comfortable leaving your email in my comments, just post a hello! in the comments and email me at acertainslantoflight at hotmail dot com.)

Starting tomorrow: green week, hosted by Emily of shining egg.


Melissa said...

I will certainly come back here. Love the part about you and your husband, it made me feel warm inside.

Lyz said...

I'm so glad you found me from the MFA-madness.

I love your blog and the aside about you and your husband is lovely.

PS I am from Minnesota myself. I used to live in Eden Prairie (don't hold it against me). And I did undergrad at Gustavus in St. Peter. I hope to move back to the TCs one day, because I love it.

Becca said...

In the spirit of de-lurking, I offer a warm hello, and my compliments on your lovely writing and photography.

I've been visiting for a while, just basking in your prose, poetry, and pictures.

Your blog always brings a ray of light into my day.

I blog here: and here:

My email is:

Lovely meeting you :)

Joy said...

I am so excited to have found you from Lizardek's blog. :) You're both so thoughtful and friendly. I'd love to receive a postcard gift. I'll email you. Thanks and I'll pay it forward too.

marsha said...

i think it's sweet that you are still so in love :)

Julia said...

that is adorable. i so hope we are still that way in six more years!

KeLL said...

I just love you and Ryan. I wish I could hang out with you more. We need to live in the same town. This living in the same state thing isn't close enough. Do you want to move North, or should I move South?

Missing you greatly!

Molly said...

Um, you move down to Red Wing. I'll be your nanny if you do! :)