Monday, March 03, 2008

Green Week (1)

I am joining Emily for a week of celebrating green, partly out of our exasperation with winter, but I also love it because of the season (hello, St Patrick's Day!) and the environmental changes I'm attempting to make in my life and in my home. I have wanted to add more eco-conscious links and tips to my blog, and this is the perfect excuse. I've purchased an eco-friendly home guide (switching over cleaners, using less electricity, etc.), and I thought I would make an effort here.

Going along with my adoration of buying straight-from-the-artist, I thought I'd start off with a few etsy finds: environmentally friendly make up removers :: recycled notebook :: cozy pads :: re-usable food bag :: lettuce crisper :: green way baby wear :: floor cleaning cloths :: tiny hineys :: just the flax napkins :: coffee cozy :: coffee cozy II :: reusable produce bag :: organic bamboo wipes :: dog leash

Green week link of the day: Care2. You can click every day and sponsors donate to different causes. There's also a daily action, where you can pledge to join in on environmentally friendly changes.

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Lyz said...

oooh! I love your links. I totally want to feature some of this stuff on the real job blog (

Thanks for the ideas.