Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Green Week (3)

This is how my brain looks, I imagine: like the bottom of a pool when the light comes in, that laser circus, that gorgeous flickering, fleeting light. It's strange because I had applied to so many schools so that I could have options, but now I have six (with still many verdicts out), and it torments me. But Kelly told me: just celebrate this very fact for a while. Don't stress too much about making a choice; enjoy the privilege of having those choices.

OK. Will do.

This morning I woke up to light snow. I know it's the beginning of March, quiet March, March of muck and mud and in-like-a-lion, but that fresh layer of snow is always so magical. It's fluffy (and on top of a layer of ice, still slick)--easy to sweep off the windshields, easy to romp about for the pups. (I do wish we'd get a bit more, enough to have a snow day, a quiet day of work for us.)

Green links of the day for green week:

- Have everything? Give the gift of trees. I used to have fifty of these planted every year in honor of my husband's birthday, but haven't done so in a while. Perhaps it's time to renew the tradition.
- Eco mall: the "real" mall gives me shivers, but there seem to be some good things here.
- No impact man: I've linked to this before, but here's a blog of someone trying to live without any kind of negative environmental impact. Yup, he's that guy.

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KeLL said...

Like I said celebrate the fact that you have choices. And great choices! That's an accomplishment in itself.