Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Green Week (2)

It's the little bits that are a relief to me. Succulents make the winter so much easier, I think. We have three lined up at our sink, and I've just turned them, as they sway toward the sunlight. The biggest celebration for me is when the grass starts to turn. Believe me, I will be out there on my belly with my macro lens, soaking it all up.

Today I was a "guest speaker" in the AP Lit classes--a guest poet, that is. I led them through a lesson on word choice, having them do two exercises, and explicating a few poems of my own. The later hour in the day, 6th, was a bit more lively, a bit goofier. It was a bit strange to talk about myself as a writer without feeling timid, but I think I pulled off the confidence bit. Why yes, I suppose I am a poet.

No closer to any kind of decision, but that is no surprise. Yesterday was surreal, and today I would go from feeling very confident about one path for next year, then, ten minutes later, completely confident about choosing the exact opposite. At this point, I don't need to decide, but I'd like to just put the choices on little slips of paper, wrap a treat around them, and see which Zephyr dives for first. Let fate chose. I'm never been one to make decisions.

It's a quiet night. I'm going to go upstairs early, read myself to sleep. My favorite sort of evening.

Green shopping: Check out Patina's green section. I especially love the bags that shout out, "Shop with a reusable bag, b*tch!"

Links for today's green post: Daily clicks, which includes hunger, breast cancer, child health, literacy, rainforest, and animal rescue. Another easy (and free!) way to donate to causes.

Also: Yesterday, oury caller ID had a mysterious "Maine" phone number that looks close to Stonecoast's phone numbers. Could it have been a third acceptance? Dare I even allow my ego that kind of wandering? No call today, so maybe not.


lisa s said...

hi molly.... i just wanted to come by and say thanks for commenting on my blog - it's very nice to find your space here....

and learn you are a poet! :)
like the sweet eireann

have a good night!

Angie said...

Oh, I might have to get that bag for my daily commute or something! That is so great!