Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yesterday, we bought our first (half) share of a CSA, Kindred Spirit Farm, in a neighboring town. If you are interested in finding a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area, click here. Ryan (husband) and I have been trying to refocus our purchasing, to keep it local, to make a move from wasteful to conscious. See, it's one thing to want to declutter your house, to desperately hate your own pack-rat behavior, and yet another to overstuff the garbage cans that head to landfills. I'm happy to throw, to donate, to move things out to live a more simple life, but even more so, using what we have is important. And giving back to the community, appreciating those that dig into the earth and respect it at the same time.

Looking forward to: touring the farm, photographing that part of the world, experiencing community, eating absolutely fresh vegetables, perhaps even picking up some of their roving.

I think, the mind playing gods have settled a bit. I am thinking back to Stephanie's questions, and I think in these, I will find my answer. I will meditate on all of this for a bit, discover what the future is calling, and hope to make those concrete decisions, move on, anticipate the luck of next year. My fingers are fiercely crossed that I rise up from the wait list, that there is a place for me at the U of MN. But this new distraction has kept the ping ponging still--the worry of low res versus FSU. I may need to return to the debate, but for now, just hope.

A few green links:
- Low impact living. Learn how you can change your impact.
- Terra pass. Try to make up for the commute. Restore the balance.


Angie said...

Welcome to the joys of CSA membership! Yummy food every week. Good luck eating it all. Does that mean that Ryan will be partaking in veggies this summer?

Molly said...

He's actually been pretty good about carrots and celery and salad... I like the idea of being a part of that community and having something that Ryan and I can share. :)