Monday, February 18, 2008


There are post-its around my computer, and every time I find a word I love, I write it down.

plume :: window pane :: alloy :: tatter :: hull :: unfurl :: lichen :: socketed :: shushing :: swill :: bread :: winnow :: silt :: heron

A blog I discovered today and am wondering where it has been all this time: materials for a time machine.

I am thinking more about writing, about the process, about community. I am thinking about alternatives to MFA programs, or complimentary work, about the way in which I can turn myself on as a writer, a light switch, when I am in a room full of writing, when an instructor tells me to go.

I am thinking about the places where I leave evidence of myself--the post-its and marginalia, the evidence of reading--the community of reading and readers.

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Nikkita said...

This post is wonderful Molly! I'm so glad I got to SEE the post its. It made me giddy.

I don't think if you work diligently that you necessarily NEED an MFA. I think I might get one eventually because I will miss the world of academia and want new reading lists and people to discuss them with. But really, it seems the important thing is a community of writers, a network that provides good feedback and inspiration. That can be any number of things.