Sunday, February 17, 2008

fun with fish eye

We keep our Sundays quiet. In bed, reading I, Elizabeth by Rosalind Miles (just finished Virgin by Robin Maxwell; clearly thematic). What are Sundays to you?


missalister said...

Sundays are the same as Monday through Saturday.
Horrible words these would have been just under two years ago. The finest of words now.
So Sundays now are getting up when I get up, a morning run with the dog, coffee and affirmations, blog time, lunch, work, a happy hour beer and internet time, dinner, work and/or blog time, bed, ahhhhh

I’ve just begun Sunday Scribblings, am checking out other folks’ sites, and found your writing style and photo presentation to be as fine as Sunday :-)

michelle said...

i used to hate sundays. even though i've been out of school for a few years they always reminded me of that feeling i got in my stomach - the one that told me i still had a ton of homework to finish because i waited until the last minute.

i'm just now starting to enjoy them again. unless we have plans i usually like to sit around, listen to music and craft. very peaceful.

Lyz said...

Sundays are days of rest for us. Although we occasionally try to do some housework (we sometimes fix up our 82 year old house other times we just nap), that is usually in the summer when it is lovely outside. In the winter we just bum around. I read entire books and Dave tinkers with things and watches Hogan's Heroes. At some point we do laundry.

KeLL said...

That's a crazy lens