Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Inevitability of Snow

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Other bloggers are reporting signs of spring: the subtle budding of trees, bulbs pressing through loam and wet earth, the world being swept clean of snow and slush.

Here, it is still deep in winter. It is slippery sidewalks and chipping away at slushy driveways. It is watching our dogs leap and smash through drifts. It is nothing but white, and dirty white.

A year ago: I was so frightened of losing my job due to budget cuts, wondering at the lump, battling fierce bouts of anxiety. But also, spring. Spring came, and with it came change, came luck, came transition. I will forever associate the way the world buds with the way in which I came out of that wintery shell--with hope, with wonder (camera in hand, indeed).

I've created four new sets on flickr, to celebrate the seasons, the indications of change: spring :: summer :: winter :: autumn (Also: 2007 and 2008, thus far--funny how my best friend Kelly starts each set.)

And while we are still slopping away, the sun is coming out, the skies are getting bluer, and we are seeing some melt. And while the world is still mostly blue-and-white (gorgeous colors, those), I can immerse myself in the memory of other tilts to the globe. My heart gets so excited seeing those images of spring. Oh!


Anonymous said...

oh your photos are simply beautiful!


storyteller said...

What a lovely collage of snowy scenes! I have to travel to see such sights, so thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

KeLL said...

2007: Start with Kelly drunk
2008: Start with Kelly pregnant