Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Today I went to the medical center in town for the sixth time in a third as many months. K took a day to work from home so he could accompany me. I both wanted his moral support and for him to see the procedure.

When I went in for my annual exam two months ago, my doctor found a small lump. She referred me to radiology, where an ultrasound revealed it was likely a fibroadanoma, but to be safe, I was referred to a specialist in breast surgery. She had an intern with her, which allowed a kind of teaching moment (the hesitance of the intern, me indicating and being willing to have her probe, encouraging her to push--as I told my friend EW, I don't mind my ta-tas being bullied, if it means avoiding cancer). And she confirmed that it is likely a non-cancerous tumor, and I had two options: one, I could monitor it once a month and in six months, have another ultrasound or two, I could have it biopsied (depending on my level of anxiety, pick one). So I did--I picked the immediate results one because what with budget cuts (before I was cut) and the musical and KF's wedding (and my own!) and teaching and studenting...

Today was the biopsy. They numbed me with a local anesthetic, and I watched the ultrasound screen as the first needle came through and the snapping sound as the second needle came through, gliding in and pulling back, a monstrous tango. There were three samples, which he showed me--they looked like small worms, wriggling in the jar.

Results come in on Thursday.

And Mr "me" (I get a kick out of when they use my last name for his; my students last year drew a portrait of Mr. "me" on the board, complete with clogs [because I wear clogs sometimes]) took me out to dinner for gracefully surviving the biopsy. I know things have been hectic in my life, but I am lucky.

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