Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In 2008, I will...

Become a better companion:
- send birthday care packages and cards on time
- surprise Husband with little sentiments of love
- be there for Kelly when her baby comes, find ways to make their lives easier as they settle into parenthood
- travel with some of my favorite girl friends
- have at least one significant trip with husband
- random acts of kindness, reminding those I love that I do, indeed, love them very much

Become a better writer:
- continue my morning poems, my poem a day
- get five acceptance letters
- read at least one book of poetry a week
- attend a summer writing program
- get accepted into an MFA program
- blog regularly, this lovely daily writing practice
- read over 100 books, which shouldn't be so difficult

Become a better patron & participant of the arts:
- attend courses on bookmaking and letterpress
- art every day in January
- develop my eye for photography and continue with the daily picture(s)
- attend more arts events, including the Guthrie, the symphony, and museums

Become a better homeowner:
- when I go to bed at night, the dishes will be done, the clutter will be put away
- each season, make a goal, a project, and do it
- keep a more successful vegetable garden this summer
- cultivate flowers around the house this summer
- make a 13th payment on the mortgage
- clean out basement and attic

Become a financial ballerina:
- (or maybe just less of an embarrassment to Husband)
- make sure there is no debt, dangit
- start investment plan for retirement and whatnot

Become healthier:
- weigh less at the end of 2008 than at the beginning
- weigh less at the end of each month than at the beginning
- re-join the YMCA and work out four days a week
- drink more water
- eat fruits and vegetables more
- drink when the occasion calls for it--as in, a toast or celebration, but not in excess and not because I'm home and I feel like a beer

Complete my Master's degree in Education
- by spring or summer semester's end

And a few things about today:
- Currently reading: Cider House Rules. I needed something that felt very New England. I wanted something that made me want to make lobster bisque, or think of incredibly tall, snow covered trees or old, two story homes. I wanted something that made me think of the ocean and water worn wood.
- Currently teaching: Frankenstein. We're finishing the film in class today--some very gross bits, particularly when Elizabeth's burned corpse is re-animated. The pyrotechnics are quite interesting.
- Currently perusing this blog: sweet salty
- Currently lingering on my mind: Benazir Bhutto's passing
- Currently finishing: The Sopranos--Netflix delivered the last disc today


michelle said...

Goodluck! That's a hefty amout of goals but I'm sure you'll accomplish them all :)

I should do a similar post - good idea!

Nina said...

That is one heck of a list. My list has similar things on it but most are part of a five year plan. I'll check in with you as part of Blog 365 and see how you are doing. :-)

chelsea said...

yesterday i got a gym membership (boyfriend did too). i ended up signing up for the maximum personal training sessions (twice a week for six weeks). i meet with my trainer today. we're mapping out an eating and exercise plan, going over the basic machines i will be using at first, discussing my limitations with my bad knee. it was expensive, but i look at it as an investment in a lifetime of better health.

i started another blog to track my progress, unflattering pictures and all.

Anonymous said...

this is quite the list compared to my 2 things. i wish you luck daaling.

Devil Mood said...

I think you'll love the ending of the Sopranos - it gets more and more intense in the last episodes.

So many resolutions and determination! I hope you can follow them all and accomplish even more.

tumblewords said...

If I had a list that long, I'd be inclined to start with a lengthy nap. LOL. Great list of goals and I'll bet you meet every one of them. Happy 2008!

Sassy Lucy said...

That is an intense list of goals I wish you all the best with them.

Karen Travels said...

Love your tree illustration!

Good luck with your resolutions!

Redness said...

Yikes what a load you have there ... here's to getting them all to where you want to be! Happy 2008!

gautami tripathy said...

Hope you accomplish all and more!

Penny said...

What a great list - I particularly liked 'to be a better companion' and all that follows. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your journey progress! Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

This is a great list and I hope you achieve it. There are a few on your list that I could stand to do myself. Your list also made me realize that I need to create more specific goals for myself instead of such general ones.