Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Mail addressed: "Mrs. RK."

My job just now: a long term sub for someone writing a book, a collection of essays on Moby Dick.

These things I face now:
- each year, teaching, people asking me if I am a student, telling me I don't belong somewhere (in the photocopy room, should I have this class list), even when that ID is hanging from my neck
- on the phone, today, a telemarketer asking me if my parents are home (!)
- being asked, "What does he have you doing today?" outside my classroom, reminded again that I am temporary, a ghost, a person who is called something unfamiliar in a room that is unfamiliar (being asked this by a sub across the hall)
- my mother saying "the [K]'s" have a ton of books in their house, my saying Husband's mother often donates her books afterwards, then realizing my mother meant our house, that we are now the [plural] K's
- mail, invited places, as "Mrs. RK," not as me, being invited as Mr. and Mrs. RK, and thinking, this is me and for once, not being pleased at the shape of my new last name--I am a part of him, but that isn't for the outside of an envelope, even if it is tradition--I am Molly and please, please don't take my identity from me (you can, however call him Mr. MKS, if you wish--I love it when telemarketers call and ask for "Mr. S," meaning him)

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