Monday, July 23, 2007

a thousand paper cranes

I blame Kelly mostly.

The Fiance and I spent tonight filling bins with a thousand paper cranes, made by some of my bridesmaids to wish us luck on our marriage. I cannot imagine the amount of time it would take to fold one thousand paper cranes; my thumbnails, used to slick down the folds, would be worn away. Such a sweet gesture from such sweet friends.

But even more, what really matters, is that we know we have this huge support network, to buoy us up as we struggle and survive in our life together.

You can read Kelly's account of it here.

I also need to add this: Our house is at the messiest its ever been, with me out of town on and off for a month, The Fiance holding down the fort (with two sloppy dogs and a class on top of his full time job), and the chaos of a wedding descending. I am a little embarrassed (and when I say a little, I mean a lot) that two of my friends saw my house in this condition. It upset me so much that I did not pick the new Harry Potter up once today but instead spent most of my time in the second bedroom, gutting the closets and storage space, piling things up, filling bags upon bags for donation. And tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.


Stefani said...

Fantastic! What sweet friends you have!

As for the cleaning... well, I know that feeling, the embarassment at having people see your mess... but really, you know and I know that it's only you that cares.

KeLL said...

I started folding cranes two months before MY wedding. I was glad to get them out of my house. Do you know I hide them every time you came over?!

We ignored the mess. We know you and how busy you are. Not a big deal