Tuesday, June 12, 2007

another wedding dream

Last night's dream: there were many, but this one stands out, because it was another wedding dream. My bridesmaids, this time, were the ones who failed to maintain the clothing ritual. Perhaps I am dreaming about this, and K changing out of his tux, because I think the dressing ritual seems so strange. We are currently at the stage where the tuxes are being ordered, the bridesmaid dresses are due in a few weeks, and the mothers are arranging what they will wear. (This, for my mother, obviously they will not match--that would be very silly indeed, unlike all the rest of this silliness.) My own wedding dress wasn't what I expected--it hung about in tatters, but this was the style, and it was comfortable, but not what I wanted. Of course, the focus of this dream was not on what I was wearing, but that my seven bridesmaids happened to not be wearing what they were supposed to--two had red dresses on (which, in this dream, was apparently my color, but this isn't true), and one girl had a red dress on but it was a ketchup color instead of the red the others were wearing, and the rest were wearing jeans and tshirts. I was upset, and sent them away, telling them to put on the dresses I had brought for them. We waited in the church (!) while they scuttled away, ashamed at their forgetting.

Today has started off shamefully lazy, which is not so good because I must prepare for Emily's visit (the house! a mess again already! quelle surprise!), get ready for poetry tonight, and call our reception venue to chat about eight million things (must reserve beach for ceremony, figure out rehearsal dinner, do taste testing--and we need to pick a beef, a chicken, and a vegetarian, as this is what we put on our already printed response cards--etc.). Spinny brain... cannot forget the class that begins in less than two weeks and I have nothing to show for it, and the dogs need a long walk for all the energy they did not truly lose this weekend.

I suppose this means I ought to face the day now, which is so silly because I would be nearly-done with my day if I were still teaching. This is what happens with summer: you wake up initially at some decent hour, like nine, then decide to snooze in the sun a little longer, which brings you to noon, then you must check all your favorite blogs for updates, and explore their links, and you are still in your pajamas when you would be teaching your last class. I know this is the purpose of summer, but not when you have Things To Do. :)

Despite all this, here is what I discovered that I want to try with all my extra fabric: little flowers. Use this pattern for this result (only with different fabric and buttons).

What do you have on your agenda this early summer afternoon?

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Liz said...

Pretty pretty pink flowers! Also, I would not be able to refuse that darling doggityface ANYTHING.