Friday, May 11, 2007

three month negaversary

We went to the beach where we will marry in exactly three months. K, whose name is officially sprawled out in the sand, was adorable and loving and warmed my heart, holding his hand, my sandals filling with damp sand. He was sweet enough to allow me to take a picture of us together, something he generally hates to do (and when I groaned at me in the first picture, he even consented to a second, which, if you know him, is like a miracle), and laughter filled the air as we explored the bits of loam on the shore, a campfire abandoned, and he pointed out four Canada geese winging through the sky, silhouettes against the gloaming. I love it when it's like this--pointing out the beauty of the world, sharing our thoughts as we think them, touching fingertips. Oh! And the joy of this: he taught me how to skip stones. I'd never known how before, and while most of my stones landed with a plunk in the water, somewhere in the middle, I sent one on a double skip and the last one did as well. I cried out like a child and threw my arms around his neck: see what I can do! I'd always wanted to do this. As we walked back to the car, he twirled me in a circle, a little pirouette as the sun sank down. A kiss at the end. I am going to marry this man. (Oh lucky life...)

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