Saturday, May 12, 2007

letterpress, book arts, and farmer's markets

This morning we drove up to Minneapolis near campus to meet with Brian, a very talented artist who will be making our wedding invitations. I'm so thrilled at how beautiful they will be! We are using this design of his, and he will make the invites and reply cards. It was so thrilling to see the machinery he will use, to see the blocks, and to plot out how they will look. Tonight, we design the invite with fonts and will send it out to him and in June, we will see these little slips of paper that will be sent out across this country and into four others, beckoning all to come to our special day.

Afterwards, K was patient and kind enough to allow me a stop at the university where I shot a few photographs at the entrance of Folwell Hall and the maroon and gold tulips. My heart flipped around like a beached fish as we drove by the familiar places, all so dear to my heart, and I was left longing to return to those brick and ivy covered buildings, to learn, to make my own art with carefully arranged words, moveable type. I plan to apply to graduate school next fall, this being on my list, and I am so hopeful. It almost hurts wanting something so much.

Additionaly, K was good enough to accompany me to the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. After all that letterpress attention we had, I was dying to see if new poems had been printed out on creamy paper, ready for framing. Indeed, I spent too much, buying up consigned cards with kind sentiments and poetry for our walls. I felt like a botanist in the unexplored jungle, so thrilling were all the little objects, words as art. I love going to the Open Book; it sets me at ease.

I asked if there was anywhere K wanted to go and he requested we drive by the new Guthrie, just blocks away from the Open Book. We discovered the Mill City Museum has a farmer's market every Saturday, and we bought glass jars of honey, lavendar soap, and he had a great turtle treat, all nuts and carmel and chocolate. There were puppies on leashes and chickens in cages and children strapped to mother's and textures so pleasing to the hand. We explored the ruins of the mill, amazed at the river peeking through open windows and moss growing in silence.

We also stopped at the local famer's market as we got back into town, not wanting our own local growth to be neglected, coming home with asparagus and tomato plants. The pickup trucks boast flowers and tomatoes, lettuce and grains. Soon others will join this solitary summer starter and bring farm raised meat, organic produce, and local music.

Now, K calls--we are taking the dogs on trails in the woods. A second post (as this seems to be my obsessive tradition as of recent) will follow, full of exploring puppies and harried people. Ah, beautiful Saturday and spring! And sun! And the trees and earth and company too good to be true. This morning filled me up as far as happiness goes, and there's more? Truly blessed!

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