Monday, May 14, 2007

this is where I list all the things flying around in my head

- I renewed three library books and films last night and returned one on the way in to work today. I noticed this: instead of renewing for May, it renewed for April. When I checked my account, I had a fine of over a hundred dollars. No joke. I'll be stopping at the library on the way home from school!
- My oldest friend in the world is participating in the AIDS Ride. You can sponser her too! I am not saying this because it is simply a good cause: she lost both her parents in sixth grade to AIDS, and recently, her sister died in a biking accident. And she's one of the strongest, most admirable people I know. We wrote long letters to each other after I moved to the Midwest, went through some very confusing times in pace with one another, and though time hasn't kept the letters moving as much as either of us would like, I think of her as a kindred spirit, someone I hold dear to my heart and think of regularly, hoping things are going well. And her doing this AIDS ride is another reason why she is so strong--to physically take part in something in memory of almost her whole family (she has an older sister as well).
- Kelly has started her own blog. HUZZAH! I did a little happy dance when I found out. Not that I need one more mode of communication with her; my favorite are the two notebooks we keep circulating between the two of us.
- Angie is in China. Last night, she sent me an email to tell me to keep sending her notes--she is desperate for the English! She is gone for two weeks with work and though I'm intensely jealous, I'm not so much jealous over the sleep deprivation she is probably working on balancing out.
- My sister and I start our joint creative project today. I was inspired by 3191 and thought of how Chelsea and I both love to be behind the lens of the camera, the quiet observer. I also thought about how she and I have a precarious relationship and this kind of project, rather than the talking that has been getting us nowhere, might be a good thing. I had her pick a phrase to start us out (3191 states the participants do not discuss beforehand, but the yellow one white one and the bowl shape one and the cleaning one and the ring one makes me wonder...) and this week is local color. We'll post every Monday, and I am eager in anticipation to see what she comes up with. See also her blog which features a video and in the beginning, a childhood suitcase.
- Chris and I are planning a tentative trip out to North Carolina to visit our beloved friend Nikki. She moved out there two years ago, has replaced her "you guys" for a "y'all" (we're hoping to trade while I'm there, tipping my hat to my Southern childhood), and we have yet to visit, which is just terrible friend-ing, if you ask me. I'm thrilled at the idea of a trip with a girl friend too, especially one I don't see nearly enough, and I have always loved our long conversations. We're working out dates right now, which is precarious, considering my planner has vanished (I am beginning to get fretful) and I have packed my summer to the gills, gasping for breath. I like it that way though. Life has too much to experience to sit around on The Knot all day (like last August).
- And my other two bridesmaids, since I seem to be in a pattern here: Megan celebrated her first mother's day yesterday, and Emily's wedding shower and bachelorette party are this coming weekend. Thrills, hugs, and excitement to both!
- Local High School called and I have an interview for Friday morning at 6:45 in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed that I impress, that I will get this job, because it is absolutely perfect. One year contract (so I can go to graduate school after, guilt-free and have the potential of coming back in following years) and not an hour away.
- Planner is still missing, leaving me quite upset, not knowing when my next anything is. I have to give dates for the trip to North Carolina and for my own shower / bachelorette party, but I haven't the foggiest what times have been slotted out to different projects. And, as Kelly pointed out, a piece of paper (and that's all this is, a folded handful of papers, stapled with cardstock on top, handmade) can be lost forever in a house such as ours (or my classroom) (or my car). I'm messy and paper has a magnetic attraction to me. I suppose this is a good opportunity for that cleaning I keep swearing I'll do!

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Angie said...

Good luck (or hǎo yùn) on the interview! You know you'll nail it.