Monday, May 14, 2007

photo assignment: old

Angie picked this one for the week from my list of four (whimsical, need, old, color). I thought to myself, "I don't know anyone nearby that I would consider 'old'!" What I love about these photo assignments: they're hard. And that's what a challenge is, after all!

So pictured here is the oldest item in my possession: Snoopy. I've had this, my blankie, since I was six weeks old, a Christmas present from my maternal grandmother. I carried him about, leaving him behind once at an Orange Julias, keeping him safe in my bed, and sometimes, when I was older than I would care to admit, he'd come along on other trips as well. He's seen Europe and New England, Tennessee and the Midwest. He is dirty and tired and beloved. I've probably thrown up on him, spilled food on him, left him in the dirt. But a constant companion he is, watching, being that trustworthy plush creature he is. The oldest thing in this house, except for the house itself.


Anonymous said...

hello there! thanks for stopping by my site--- I love your Snoopy and could really relate to your post about how all-consuming directing theater can be---

~ Elizabeth

bluerose9062 said...

I'm a Snoopy fan, too. My Snoopy must be about 35 yrs. old now.