Friday, May 18, 2007


In an hour or two, I should be done with my interview. I wasn't nervous last night, simply exhausted. Went to bed before nine, woke up with many hours of sleep behind me. And now. The butterflies, the heart beating a little faster, the sense that my stomach might churn up and something awful might happen.

And, hope. I feel moderately confident and I want this, and I think when I want things, I am rarely very good at hiding them, which can't be a bad thing in this situation.

I will come home, change out of the stiff suit, run errands, clean. I will read in bed, walk the dogs (short walk, since the bounding-with-energy Zephyr isn't supposed to), work on my garden. I will write, I will breathe, I will look to the future and I will be here now.

But for this very moment, in this instant and in a long stretch of instants in my now-future, I will be nervous.


Liz said...

Good luck :) Knock 'em dead!

eireann said...

gooood luck!

Karen said...

Hi Molly!

Re: the post above: thoughts on motherhood: check out Beth Ann Fennelly's collection Tender Hooks.
She has some interesting things to say in interviews:

; )

Rachel said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I came back to your lovely spot. I had looked at your SPC earlier this week but it only hinted at the goodness surrounding it here. I wish you luck with the job interview. I was the editor of my high school's literary magazine and newspaper. A good advisor at that time in life can mean a lifetime of influence. It's good to see someone so passionate about their work. I just got married on the 5th. I can't believe you have so much time to have fun. We were busy every weekend for like a year!
Sorry for the long comment.